Doge and the Lost Kitten

Witness an epic story and help Doge find the Lost Kitten!

Join the journey!

Doge and the Lost kitten is a fast-paced 2D platformer. Your adventure begins in an old castle where you live a quiet life. But not for long. One day Evil Chihuahua kidnaps the Royal Kitten and it's your job to bring it back home safely.

Play over 35 diverse levels!

Run, jump and fly across over 35 hand crafted levels. Challenge your platforming skills and find hidden treasures! You have three quests on each level.

Find golden kitten!

Golden kittens are not easy to find. Look for them even where you do not expect them!

Collect coins!

Get coins and exchange them for nice skins, huts, parachutes and power ups!

Finish level in time!

Hurry up! Choose the shortest way and finish level as quick as you can!

Enjoy funny story with many different characters!

Awesome cutscenes, funny dialogs, and great annimations are waiting for you! Visit the old castle and meet the King, the Duke vor Drollive and his noble dog Dabos (aka Evil Chiuauaua). Watch out! Somewhere far away in the royal chambers lurks a sinister figure ...

Discover awesome skins and power ups!

You can exchange collected coins for over 40 skins, huts and parachutes or buy an extra life!

Nice pilot cap!

Let's fly in the sky!


So much magic!

Ave cesar!

Run for the victory!

Join NASA!

So much space!

Feel the awesome physics!

Our castle is full of moving platforms, springboards and steep slopes! Use your parachute or double jump to rich for the stars. Avoid moving axes and run away from deadly swords of royal guardians!

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